Healing, Surviving and Thriving after the Wreck

After the Wreck Book Cover

The book is off to the layout guy! I’ve finally finished the book with help from to many to count. Thank you everyone for all the support you have given me over these last ten years from the wreck. Time seems to be moving faster while the body seems to move slower.


Where did the writer go?

It is so interesting to me that writing a book includes so much self processing!  Many things I thought I had healed are showing up again to be dealt with.  No moving around them, it’s face to face time to deal with all of it.  Perhaps one chapter at a time is what is working best for me.  I set the goal of five new chapters by New Year so help keep me on my toes!

With all the holidays, birthday, aniversary and mo holidays, life can get quite hectic.  The secret is to promise myself to write and pencil it in on the calender.  It is as important as any other date I keep on my planner.

Have a fabulous week and enjoy the sunshine – well it’s here right now for the moment….  the clouds will be back soon enuff.

Take care my loves!


Such a cloudy day!

Yesterday I drove, by myself, to a friends house about 30 minutes away.  It is amazing to me how the dark cloudy skies still trigger that inner fear and makes me tense up.  My neck shrinks, it’s really odd,  I think that’s a trauma response I have yet to resolve.  It was the same color sky when the wreck happened.  I am proud of myself for getting out and driving!  At least I did it!

Amazing how the body has its own memory – you don’t know what is always going on in there, but you can feel the symptoms in your body.  I am glad I have identified most of the triggers and responses so they don’t take me by surprise any more. 

One trick I have learned to help with the whiplash (I don’t think it ever goes away, my neck has never been the same since!)  remember ET and how he would stretch his neck out?  I have learned that when I go over train tracks – if I do the ET neck stretch my neck does pretty good.  Without the stretch my neck feels very compacted and it hurts! 

Hope there is some tid-bit here that helps you.  I will get better as I blog more.  It’s only my second time.  And the last one was actually written on 11/7/11 – but I havent figured out how to change that date so I will let that go…..  there is still plenty out here in blog land to learn- like wheres the post this button?  The book is coming along, I am still working on chapter 6….  Plan to have that done this week – Yeah!

Bliss to you all, and may everyone you meet this week be nice!!!


Hello world!

Hello world!.

Hello world!

  Welcome to Wendys Writing. I am finally learning how to do the blog.

Sounds like a new dance ey?  Do the Blog man…

 I am finally writing that book I have yacked so much about.  Quite a few of my docs even think it’s a great idea.   “How to Survive and Thrive After a Car Wreck and How to Deal with the Medical Circus and the Legal Loopholes” of course I don’t know what the title will be for sure – but that’s working for me so far…   

 A friend sent me an email about a writing class and an intro phone discussion they would be having.  I phoned in and listened to their call and I signed up before they were even done.  It’s been awesome!  It has brought up a lot of memories about the wreck so I have had a week here and there when nothing got done as I just processed my stuff.  Silly me – I thought I was passed all that..   It’s going on eight years since the wreck now.  It’s difficult getting used to a “new normal”.  And no – it’s not that “at your age” stuff.  I am sure lots of people out there have had the same experience after getting creamed by another car twice the size of your own.  Till you been there, you got no idea, hence the motivation for the book!   And you know – the MD still doesn’t think I had a concussion because I didn’t hit my head.  Silly…..  As my car was spinning in circles my brain was bouncing all around…  The fact that I couldn’t read, or write, or do math seemed unimportant to the medical powers that be.  So – my mission is to help educate people on what really happens after a wreck, things the medical community may put you through, and other therapies that worked well for me.  Like Craniosacral work-Fabulous!  Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic – Amazing!  Orthobionomy – very cool when you feel your fascia unwinding.  Did you even know you had fascia? or what your fascia is?  It can’t be x-rayed so it doesn’t ever seem to be addressed by western medicine.  I have done energetic modalities for over twenty years so I have a whole different “mainstream” when it comes to health.  We will explore them as I blog along.

Thanks for looking!

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